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Our Story

God was not joking when He said we should show love to strangers, because some have entertained angels unawares. This is my love story. From a mere stranger to a gift of God. On April 15, 2019, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw a post by IyinOluwa Kemi Ajayi. In the spirit of showing love to strangers, I loved the post and wrote “Happy Birthday Kemi! I know I’m late, but where is the afterparty, if I’m missing the party?” It was two days after her birthday. She would later reply by saying the after party is on me.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only has this been an unending afterparty, it has also been life with an angel. By being great to once-upon-a-stranger, I have received an angel into my life unawares. From strangers to more like mentor-and-mentee to friends and to forever lovers.
Someone once said “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”. I can say for sure that God always has a better plan. Because why has he given me so much — a friend, a prayer partner, a partner-in-crime, a brilliant lawyer, agba cooker, singist, and definitely more than everything I could ever ask for. I couldn’t have planned this one.

Every single day since she came into my life, I have been better for it. In the last two years, we have done everything together. We have aimed for the stars together, we have cried together, we have won together, we have even learnt long-distance relationships together (we should even host podcasts for people in LDR). Everything we’ve prayed for together, we’ve got them all! All!

I have never been this excited about the future. Like every day I look forward to the tingling sound of her voice, the sheen in smile, the life and light that she adds to my life. You may wonder why I call her My Full Moon, it is because even when the sun goes down, she keeps shining to keep us alight.

IyinOluwa, cheers to another phase of this unending afterparty!

‘Mayowa Tijani

First, if you’ve read Mayowa’s story before mine, mine is the true version. If you’re reading mine before his, you don’t have to read his because I’m presenting the one true story🌚.

So here goes everything: I am a huge fan of celebrating birthdays and I mean in any way that makes you happy- cakes, parties, photo shoots and everything. Being born is a miracle and staying alive to witness year after year is an even bigger miracle so yeah, I don’t joke with birthdays. On my 23rd birthday, I made my usual birthday post on Facebook and Mayowa ran inside my dm to profess love and propose marriage😂. Joking! But really, we started talking (one on one) on my 23rd birthday right in the comment section of my birthday post (see evidence below🌚). I remember us talking for about 20 minutes the next day and the young man has not gotten enough of me since then and he’s decided he’d be in my life every other birthday till Jesus calls us home.

We have built a friendship so strong that I can’t remember what life used to be before ‘us’. Every gist, every worry, every plan, every dream, every success, every disappointment, we have shared for 2 years. Beyond being my lover, Mayowa is my mentor and my best friend, my total package! Together, we have prayed, praised, cried, laughed, planned, learnt, watched God show up for us and watched our desires receive expression, (oh and toured the whole of Lagos💀) and I’m super excited to walk into the beautiful future God has prepared for us and our seeds. Oluwamayowa Mi, thank you for choosing me to walk this path with you, and thank you for waiting for me. You are an answer to years of prayers, my answer to prayers. Here’s to doing life and marriage with you, the way God wants it, serving our Maker, being your wife and the mother of your babies, spending your money, sending you funny and x-rated memes, forcing you to eat (God epp me), travelling the world and doing all of those things we talk about every day! I love and honour you and I’d stay doing both, all of our days.

IyinOluwa Ajayi


Looking back now, it’s all making sense. You could notice the glow and change happen this time, two years ago. No one could tell what it was, but we all knew something happen. Mayowa has always been a harbinger of joy, but it was like the notch was just turned higher.

Bill Gates
Friend of the Father of the couple.

This duo is simply the best thing to happen to life after the entire Dangote Refinery. Their love is conc like freshly brewed palm wine, intoxicating to the uttermost. I celebrate these amazing ones.

Aliko Dangote
Father of the Couple

Gift Registry

Mayowa and I know how tough it is to choose the perfect wedding gift, which is why they decided to make it easier on all their guests. Check out a list of stores at which they registered needed items, and easily pick the perfect present.
Gift Card ($50)
Ice cube blender
Cutlery and cutlery holder
Towel set
Non-stick pot & pan set
Gift Card ($50)
Travelling box set
Electric Kettle
White Duvet & Beddings set
Air Purifier
Washing machine
Home theatre
Plate set (Dining set)


Damilola Tijani

Odun Pele

Ogooluwa Ajayi

Olanrewaju Dada